HareIf you have found distressed wildlife, it is important that you contact a licensed rehabilitator immediately and make arrangements for the animal to be transferred to a rehabilitation centre. Please call the Wildlife Helpline at 1-888-924-2444 or phone one of the centres on our member centres page directly.

Orphaned Wildlife

Most of the young animals that are brought into rehabilitation centres are not truly orphaned. Please read the following information to help you decide if the young animal that you found needs to be rescued or just left alone until their mother returns.

Hares (jackrabbits, snowshoe hares)

What you should know:

  • Young hares are easy to catch and appear helpless.
  • Precocial at birth – fully furred, eyes open and able to hop.
  • Mother hares’ natural behavior is to leave the young alone for most of the day, so her scent will not attract predators.
  • Mother hares nurse their young only at dawn and dusk.

What you should do:

  • If you find a young hare that is not obviously injured, leave it alone and do not handle it.
  • If you find a hare in a dangerous place (parking lot, road) try to steer it, without handling it, to a safer location less than 150 meters from where it was found.
  • If a dog or cat finds the hare, remove the pet, not the hare.

*Read more about Hares in this educational poster and please print off and distribute.*

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