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Signs that you should See an Eye Doctor


If you have had experiences of discomfort with the eyes, pain that cannot be gently alleviated with relaxation or soft running water then probably you need to see your eye doctor. It is advisable that you visit your optician regularly for eye checks. Besides, it is best that you schedule appointments if you undergo high levels of discomfort. The following sign should be a wake-up call that it is time to see your eye doctor urgently.

Difficulty seeing at the night


Night blindness is usually one of the early signs of cataracts. With enough lighting, you cannot notice this condition necessarily creeping up. You will, however, see how uncomfortable it gets when you have to drive at night and see much on the road. If you find that you need somebody to walk you the washroom at night when the lights are out, then you may be experiencing night blindness and need to consult your optician.

Double vision

If you are having experiences of double vision, then you may be at risk of various abnormalities that you should look into. These conditions include astigmatism and monocular double vision. These are all issued that are related to your cornea. Double vision experiences is not a good situation, and it will be best for you to visit an eye clinic immediately.

Eye infections

Self-diagnosis for your eyes is not healthy since you will not know whether the drugs or treatments you choose will treat your condition. In this case, seeing a doctor is a viable solution. The doctor has the expertise and can see what is wrong with your eyes. Infections normally happen when harmful microorganisms and elements enter the eyes. Without knowing them and choosing medicines that effectively get rid of the infection can worsen the situation.

Seeing floaters

Occasional floaters or white dot pieces is a normal occurrence but seeing them every time may be an indication of blindness. If you see flashing shadows and lights along with floater, it may be an indication of conditions related to the retina. In such cases, it is important to see an eye doctor immediately.


headacheHeadaches are usually indicators of how the eyes are tired or your vision needs to be adjusted. This experience may as a result of staring at the screen for long. In such cases, your eyes need a break from the screen. The headaches may also be due to working under overly bright lights. It may also be because of moving around dim lighting. In both cases, you should adjust the lighting in a way comfortable to your eyes.

These are some of the few signs that you need to visit an optician immediately. If you experience any of these signs, then contact your eye doctor immediately.…